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Equestrian Jewellery was born in early 2019 by Abigail Luisa Smith and her Father Derek who has been in the jewellery trade for over 50 years. The owner of BCL Gemstyle LTD which was registered in 2005. It superseded BCL Gems Ltd formally Bernard C Lowe & Co Ltd and prior to that Lowe Son and Price Ltd, which takes our heritage back to 1853.

Her Father Derek K V Smith started working in Hatton Garden in the mid-’60s supplying diamonds and gemstones to the Jewellery Trade working with clients all over the globe from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and to aristocracy in the United Kingdom.
In 1971 he purchased the business Bernard C Lowe and Co Ltd, whose reputation was renowned throughout the jewellery trade, including many overseas destinations, for supplying gemstones of different shapes, size and quality.

The company prides itself in its vast knowledge of all aspects of the jewellery trade, from mining to designing.

To this day we cut and polish selected gems to create bespoke pieces.

Equestrian is the next phase following in the family tradition, but as an Equestrian Abigail L Smith started the first online digital equestrian Magazine in the UAE and continues to grow one of the most elite networks in the Equine Industry in the Middle East. Following in her father's footsteps and joining forces to set the Equestrian Jewellery Scene alight, with bespoke jewellery and tailor-made collections from there Elite bespoke range

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